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All about me….. Mummy

*Show voice* Welcome Ladies, Gentleman, one and all!!

My name is Nikki, I am a wife and a Mum of 3 beautiful, crazy and noisy children. Well… the 3rd is still a baby, she is definitely beautiful, noisy and I am sure she will be crazy too!

I blog/vlog the highs and lows of parenting with 3 children. Offering tips, advice and support to other parents. It’s all about raising each other up in times of need. Every child is unique, every parent raises their kids differently and we should be supporting each other not bringing each other down. Parenting is by far the hardest but most rewarding job and experience in the world.

I love to talk, I’m very honest and have strong opinions which I will happily voice and I hope you will join in along the way! Nothing like having a good moan and getting things off your chest (that area of mine is weighty enough thank you).

I hope you enjoy.

Love Nikki xxx

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