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Easter Download Part 4 – The Finale!

Easter Download Part 4 – The Finale!

So here it is; the Easter Scavenger Hunt final download.
Will you be leaving anything with the clues along the way? I think I might create some Easter vouchers, maybe a movie night voucher, extra 30 mins computer time, stay up a bit later and the kids can redeem them whenever they choose. If you would like me to create some to match the kit then please let me know, or maybe you would like some bunting? Food labels? Straw Flags?

I really hope you enjoy the Easter scavenger hunt. Please feel free to send me some photos of it in action or tag me in posts on social media! Wishing you all a Happy Easter!! Eat as much chocolate as you wish, we will all be feeling fat together!

Did you miss out on the other parts of the Easter Scavenger Hunt Download? Not to worry just click on the links below to go back and download them.
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If you need more Easter inspiration then head on over to my Pinterest Easter Board


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