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Baby Weaning- Our Journey

Baby Weaning- Our Journey

Baby weaning….I’ve got this…right? This is baby number 3, surely I know how to feed her! Erm, I don’t actually know where to start!
I head on over to Pinterest and pin away, who ever knew there were so many different routes to take? Baby led, pureed, mix of both, pureed with some lumps, the list goes on. Once you have confused yourselves enough you then see pins on beakers, what one do I need to choose? Does my baby need water if shes having her bottle?

Speaking to other parents, the Health Visitor and even a Dentist, every piece of information is conflicting and leads me to more confusion.

Let’s get started with this Baby Weaning!

I know….I am going to choose Baby-led, seems easy enough. She eats basically some of the items on our dinner plate and feeds herself. So whilst we are eating I can sit her in her highchair with some cooked veggies, some homemade chips, anything that is soft enough and doesn’t have any added salt. We sit down for dinner and she is literally screaming and trying to grab her siblings food so I hand her a chip, she grabs it, a big smile on her face and sticks it straight in her mouth.

“Good girl, look at you so grown up, Mummy is so proud” then the gagging starts! This is normal, I remember this it’s how babies learn to use their reflex. More gagging, eyes watering, smiling, more gagging, eyes watering, no smile, more gagging… I can’t handle this, I scoop the chip out! She’s fine, my Mummy heart isn’t. I know this is normal but I just cannot sit and watch it!! What next?

Time to try the pureed with some soft lumps. Mash potato with some cooked carrots this evening… she loved it! No gagging, lots of smiles, Mummys heart intact, WE ARE WINNING! Baby Weaning can be a bit of trial and error, clearly.

Now to get some inspo on recipe ideas and which is the best beaker to use?

Wish me luck! I appreciate any tips, recommendations, and advice!

I am now heading over to the NHS website to get some more information:


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