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Free Easter Pack Download!!

Free Easter Pack Download!!

Are you all set for Easter? Has the Bunny been recharged? (Hey, you naughty lot, go wash your ears out!)
Who would like a Free Easter Pack Download?
My two absolutely LOVE a scavenger hunt and Mummy likes it even more when the hunt lasts more than 5 minutes and the excitement isn’t all over within minutes!

This year I have created a scavenger hunt that not only includes clues but it also has activities including; colouring, a word search, a puzzle, anagrams and more!! Your kids will be full of excitement, packed with energy running all around the house to get the next clue and also secretly learning! They should have to earn their chocolate right?? Haha!

What’s better is I want to share the scavenger hunt with you guys, what’s EVEN better?…. It’s going to be FREE!! A Free Easter Pack Download!!

All you need to do is subscribe to my blog or check back to see when the next page is available for download. The first pages will be a parents guide so you can understand how it all works. The only cost to you will be the printing of the pages. There are 9 pages to print in total if you don’t print off the parent’s pages. That’s 90p if printed at your local library!

I really hope you love this hunt as much as I have loved creating it.
For more Easter ideas head on over to my Pinterest Easter Board!


14 thoughts on “Free Easter Pack Download!!

  1. I really need to finish my Easter prep. I have the eggs and lollipops ready for Easter morning surprise and have some craft bits but need to get everything together. Fab post x

    1. Glad you like it! We have never done letters to the Easter Bunny, never thought of it to be honest! What kind of things do your kids write? Mine will probably think it is an opportunity to ask for certain chocolate treats! Haha xxx

  2. I snort laughed at the first paragraph! My boys love a scavenger hunt, great post…I haven’t even thought about Easter yet!! #badmummy

  3. Yes! I like your thinking with extending the length of the hunt and putting off the gorging for a few more minutes! My little ones are still a bit small for the puzzles, but might think about something else, like obstacles maybe, to make it last a bit longer.

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