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Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Our local Sure Start Children’s Centre holds courses on baby massage. These courses are completely free. I originally signed up, not too interested in the massage to be honest but to socialise and get out of the house. However, I absolute love Baby Massage now and cannot recommend it enough.

As soon as we walked through the door we had a lovely warm welcome. There was a calm and relaxed feeling in the atmosphere, the room was dimly lit and nature sounds were playing quietly in the background. There were mats layed out on the floor for your babies and cushions for the parents.

The Mums were really friendly and laughed and ranted about the baby struggles. There were 1st time Mums, Mums to 5 and even childminders but we all had one thing in common a little baby who seems to be having just as many bad days as good at the moment.

The teacher went through the massage strokes one by one with us joining in with our babies whenever we wanted too and stopping if our babies got fussy. Some of the sessions we didn’t even get to massage our little ones as they were either wriggling about, being super grumpy or decided they wanted to do a poo or need a feed! How unpredictable can they be? There was no pressure for your baby to be good, lay still, keep quiet and enjoy the massage.

My Daughter loved the massage, but wasn’t so keen on the arm massage and wanted to eat her hands, not outstretch her arms but she loved the facial massage which seemed to soothe her teething gums. She also liked the tummy massage although the smell of wind for us mummies was not the most pleasant!

Why do I recommend Baby Massage?

Here are my top 5 reasons why I totally recommend Baby Massage

  1. You get to meet like minded people and can feel relaxed to share the good and the bad.
  2. Baby massage gives you an opportunity to bond and communicate with your baby.
  3. It relaxes your baby and enhances their sleep
  4. Strengthens the digestive system
  5. It is a natural relief and can help with teething, colic and gas

So why not find a class near you? Here are a few websites that might help you find a local group:

My Bump2Baby

NCT Website (Baby Massage from £47.00

Government Website to find your Local Council details who will provide you with information on your local Sure Start Childrens Centre

I hope you have found this information useful. I would love to hear about your experience.


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