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Episiotomy or Tearing Recovery Aids

Episiotomy or Tearing Recovery Aids

This article details my experiences with Episiotomy or Tearing Recovery Aids. Men, children and women who would rather not hear that fannies can get torn or cut open during labour, stop reading now.

My Experiences

So it’s true there is a possibility you MAY tear or need an Episiotomy (a cut between the vagina and anus to help birth your baby). Although this sounds terrifying, when in established labour you couldn’t care what you go through as long as your baby is birthed safely. If you are struggling with labour you might be begging for your baby to push out quickly!

However, tears and cuts can be avoided!! Hypnobirthing can be your blessing, teaching you how to relax your down there muscles. It worked an absolute treat for me and I will be writing about this soon.

Also, to reassure you, if anything does happen to your bits and pieces down there it DOES go back to normal after healing. Your biggest problem will be trying to hold your wee in when you laugh, cough or sneeze but that’s going to happen either way!!

I did tear slightly with my 2nd baby (shame I didn’t fully commit to the hypnobirthing with this labour) and the products below are my recommendations for whilst you are healing.

Recommendations for Episiotomy or Tearing Recovery Aids

Spritz for Bits

My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits. This stuff is magic in a bottle. Not only is this good for tears and stitches but it also works a treat for any bruising, swelling or just to soothe your stretched fanny! It contains only natural ingredients and can be sprayed onto your maternity towel or directly onto your bits. (Do not do I what I did and mistake the Yoga Room Spray for this and spray that directly onto your flaps! Ouuuchh!!!).
Purchase Spritz for Bits here.

Natural Arnica Pillules

I used Arnica Pillules after my 2nd birth, I purchased them for my 3rd birth but they weren’t needed. This is a herbal product and they are like tiny tablets. It is used to bring out the bruising and help you heal faster. Purchase Arnica here.

Personal Bidet

I wish I had this with my 2nd birth. The most painful part about having a tear is going for a wee! I would be in floods of tears every time I needed to go to the toilet and sometimes hold it in for as long as possible. (Knowing this is not a good idea!).

The only time I got any relief was if I went for a wee in the bath, having the bath water dilute the urine.
Clearly, this isn’t practical and you barely get a chance to have a bath with a newborn, let alone run a bath every time you need to pee. So this beauty here is a personal bidet! You fill with water and as you wee you squeeze the bottle and it showers you whilst you’re going! I can also imagine this being great for cleaning your stitches.
This wasn’t needed with my 3rd but was purchased just in case and even the midwife thought it was an amazing idea. It also only costs around £3.00. What a bargain! Purchase a Personal Bidet click here.

For more information on Episotomy and Perineal Tears visit the NHS website;

I hope you don’t require any Episiotomy or Tearing Recovery Aids but if you do I’m wishing you a speedy recovery.

If you have had a C-Section, planning to have one or would just like to hear Mums experiences of C-Sections I have two fantastic articles for you to read.

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8 thoughts on “Episiotomy or Tearing Recovery Aids

  1. Haha I absolutely love that opening sentence! I admire your honesty and it’s definitely a topic rarely covered so well done! Every pregnant woman has to be prepared.

  2. I definitely wished I had a couple of these items when I went through an episiotomy and had a 3rd-degree tear, very close to a full front to back. The worst was trying to go to the toilet. Unfortunately, I caught an infection in my stitches and was bed bound for 2 weeks, and any sort of attempt had to be in the bath really. That’s when I could get in it though.
    I did not need anything with my second luckily but will be noting these down for any future children. 🙂

    1. Oh, bless you. We like to think that once labour is out of the way, the pain and struggle is over. I really feel like Hypnobirthing stopped me from getting any tears with my most recent baby, I was able to breathe through my contractions better instead of pushing too soon! xxx

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