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Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist

Congratulations on being pregnant here is your Hospital Bag Checklist! Whether you are being super organised or you need some last minute ideas then this Hospital Bag Checklist is for you. I personally was super excited for going into labour all three times and did lots of research into products and what’s worth packing and what isn’t worth taking up space in your bag. If you would like a printable version of this list then please click on the download button at the bottom of this page.

It might sound excessive but it is worth taking a bag for you and a small bag for your birth partner for things you will need when in labour. Then take another bag for yourself and another for your baby for a hospital stay. So here goes…

Labour Hospital Bag Checklist for Mum

  • Pregnancy Notes if these are not being stored on
  • Your babies red book (sometimes these are given out before your baby is born)
  • Your birth plan if you have one
  • 2 nightdresses (buy cheap ones they will get messy and make sure they have buttons if you are planning on breastfeeding or having skin to skin after the birth)
  • A dressing gown and some slippers (you will probably want to have a walk around)
  • A comfortable pillow
  • A fan, water spray or flannel (I took in a flannel that I placed wet on my forehead)
  • Lip balm
  • Spare hair ties
  • Phone & Charger
  • Snacks
  • Bottle for drinking water preferably with a straw so you can sip whilst lying down
  • Items to set the scene and help you to relax; Music, a book, magazines, led candles, massage oil, TENS machine, Room spray etc. (I listened to positive affirmations by The Positive Birth Company more about this later, I also listened to Romesh Ranganathan audiobook which made me laugh out loud, I did Disney Colour by numbers because I am so grown up, a TENS machine and used the highly recommended but not by me Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga room spray)
  • You should also pack a few little bits for the baby straight after birth. A nappy, vest, sleepsuit, cardigan, hat, and if you plan to formula feed a carton of milk and a bottle.

Hospital Bag Checklist for your Birthing Partner

  • A copy of Mums birth plan if she has one
  • Snacks and a drink
  • Something to keep you entertained ipad, magazines, books etc.
  • Camera to capture those first moments

Checklist for Mum

  • Nightdresses or PJs
  • Maternity pads (Lots! and make sure they are the big ones)
  • A few pairs of large dark coloured knickers (cheap ones will do, it’s best to get a larger size to feel comfy over c-section wounds and don’t forget you will need space for giant size pads!)
  • Bras
  • Toiletries; a towel, deoderant, body wash, toothpaste & toothbrush, hairbrush and ties, shampoo & conditioner if you really want to freshen up. (I purchased luxury items to make me feel good and as a little treat for my effort.)
  • Make-up if you feel more comfortable wearing it
  • Glasses if required
  • A pen for filling out menu choices
  • Clothes including a comfy going home outfit
  • Your favourite snacks for all your hard work! Why not pack yourself a box of chocs!

Checklist for Baby

  • 2 x vests
  • 2 x sleepsuits
  • Going home outfit (weather appropriate)
  • A whole pack of nappies
  • Pack of wipes
  • If formula feeding you will need your chosen formula and some bottles (the hospital will provide hot water and sterilising facilities)
  • 2-3 Muslins
  • A blanket
  • Any nice props/items you would like to use for photos. In most hospitals in England a Bounty photographer comes around and takes photos of your newborn. We had a blanket embroided with our daughters name so we used this another good idea is to bring something that a sibling also used.


Hospital Bag Checklist
Amazon Travel Organisers
  • Remind your birthing partner to grab your footwear and coat if you are leaving the house in a rush. You will need these when leaving the hospital.
  • I purchased some fantastic travel organisers from Amazon so I could group items and make them easier to quickly find and grab. Included was also a wet bag which was perfect for dirty laundry. Click here to buy from Amazon.
  • I also packed items for my recovery especially if I was to need fanny stitching. Subscribe to read next weeks post on what I used.
  • Don’t forget the car seat! (It is worth a practice installing the car seat in the car because you don’t need the hassle of faffing around trying to sort this with your newborn in it!)
Hospital Bag Checklist

Enjoy your labour journey! It CAN be a beautiful experience. I will write a post on how this is possible in the near future so keep your eyes peeled or even subscribe to be updated with new posts.

Once you have your hospital bag all ready head on over to read even more checklists for Newborn Must Haves and Episiotomy & Tearing Recovery aids.


6 thoughts on “Hospital Bag Checklist

  1. These are always so useful, and it’s great to see some things that other people pack that I never used last time.

  2. great list! I’m due my second baby any day now and not half as organised as I was first time around so need to double check I have everything!

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