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World Book Day

World Book Day

The wonderful *dreaded* World Book Day. Now, I love a good old dress up but when does it end? My two seem to be dressing up for things ALL the blooming time. It’s fine, I have this covered. Asda has some amazing costumes. “Leighton, Skyla-Grace what costume would you like to choose on this site?”

Skyla – “None of them, I’m going as the Greatest Showman”

Me – “Well you don’t have the book, it needs to be a character from the book, how about this Mary Poppins?”

Skyla – *walks away and returns with a book she has made of the Greatest Showman* “THERE, seeeee???!!!”

Leighton – “Yeah, I don’t want to go as any of these I have decided and I am going as Pikachu!”

You have got to be kidding me?! Why do they have to get an idea set in their little heads and not want to budge? What are they going to expect me to do next? Re-write the stars? *You see what I did there?, I am toooo funny*

What did you kids dress up as for World Book Day?

There are some fantastic ideas over on Pinterest.


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