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How I dealt with my anxiety

How I dealt with my anxiety

I spent 2 years suffering with anxiety. I avoided social situations and I struggled to leave my dark bedroom, only doing so when I needed to go to work. Even my phone ringing would give me hot sweats, the walls would close in and I would struggle to get my breath.

Nobody understood what I was going through. “Pull yourself together, you have a good partner and beautiful children!” I knew that, of course I knew that but it didn’t make me feel any better. In fact, it made me worse, it put this great pressure on my shoulders that I shouldn’t be feeling like this, I did have it good!, why was I being so ungrateful?

I would try “pulling myself together” and take a walk to the local supermarket. I walked as fast as I could, head down not making any eye contact with anybody. Feeling as though everyone was staring at me, following me! I couldn’t even walk through the doors of the crowded supermarket, I felt sick and light headed. I just couldn’t do it.

My world had turned dark, like someone had switched off the light. I felt so different. I wasn’t suicidal but I did want to leave this Earth Plane. Just stick a pin in my life where it all is at the moment and disappear to a world of no responsibilities where I could just hide from everything and everyone.

Steps that made my anxiety more manageable

So what did I do to help feeling like this? I did 4 simple things over and over each day and they really helped with my anxiety.

  1. Before I got out of bed each morning I would write down all the things that I am grateful for and a happy memory. I kept this with me throughout the day as a reminder.
  2. Whenever I was anxious outside, I would look up to the sky and think how big the world is and that I am one person amongst this massive population, why would everyone be staring at little me? Then I would look down to the ground and tell myself to keep grounded and focus.
  3. I would take deep breaths in and blow out any anxious thoughts.
  4. Finally, the days when I just couldn’t do anything I did…nothing! I let myself have these days. I let the pressure go. If I wanted to stay in bed and feel sad even with my “good partner and beautiful children” then I was damn well entitled too.

A friend of mine posted this poem today and it couldn’t have been more fitting. For all of those suffering with anxiety remember.. this too shall pass. Sending you hugs xxx


For more information and to seek help or advice contact MIND.


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