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Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday

*Tune of “Are you sleeping”*

Making pancakes, making pancakes, In a pan, in a pan. Toss it up in the air, toss it up in the air, If you can, if you can!

Lots of pancakes, lots of pancakes, On a plate, on a plate. Then you add some toppings, then you add some toppings. Tastes so great, tastes so great!

I hope that is stuck in your head as it is mine!

There has been pouring, measuring, cracking, whisking, flipping, lots of mess making and even more eating in our house this evening.

The kids love Nutella with banana, whipped cream and sprinkles *massive sugar overload (it’s okay Leighton is off to Cubs!))* I, however, like the original lemon with sugar. How about you? What’s your topping?


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