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Taking the Fathers Name!

Why, oh why do we naturally give our children their Fathers name? We are not a blended family, all my children have the same Dad and all have his surname. But why? Is taking the Fathers name really that important?

The Mum sacrifices her life, career, and body for around 9months. She gives birth to the baby and is usually the main carer which is bloody hard work. So why is it that this little miracle should be taking the Fathers name? He had his 2 minutes of fun and is awarded a child to continue his family name. I love my Husband but is he deserving of this honour?…. definitely not HAHA!

It would make so much more sense for the child to take the Mums surname. The majority (don’t quote me on this) of children live with their Mothers. If she then went on to have children with a different father then they would still have the same surnames as their siblings.

What’s your opinion on this?

There is an interesting article on The Guardian if you would like to read another review:


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