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Four Month Old Routine

Four Month Old Routine

This is my daughters four month old routine.

7am – Wide awake, smiling and waving her hands around in her crib.

8am – Bottle (5oz of Aptimil Formula)

8:15am – It’s now time for the School run, Everly-Rose will fall asleep in the buggy on the way. She stays asleep when we arrive home and if she still looks cosy, I keep her asleep in the buggy and try not to wake her.

11:00am – She wakes up and is ready for another bottle (5oz). We play together and I try to encourage her to do Tummy Time but some times this is easier said than done.

12:30 – It’s now time for a little nap and a perfect for me to fit in lunch for myself.

1:30 – Awake and ready to play

2:00pm – Bottle time (5oz)

3:00pm – We leave the house and go for a walk to get some fresh air and start making our way to the School. Everly usually falls asleep in the buggy around 3:30pm

4:30pm – Awake and ready to play with siblings

5:30/6:00pm – Daddies home and its time for him to feed Everly (5oz)

6:30pm – Time for bath or book to show that it’s quiet time. Then I sing her a goodnight song whilst putting her in her sleeping bag and laying her in her crib.

11:00pm – Sometimes she wakes for a dream feed but this doesn’t happen every night.

3:00am – Dream Feed then straight back in the crib until morning

What is your four month old routine? Does/Did your little one have the same routine?

She seems to be doing a lot of sleeping however, I still feel exhausted. Everybody I speak to reccomends sleeping when the baby sleeps but I struggle to do this. During her daytime naps I get on with all the jobs and when she goes down of a night, this is my time to blog or catch up with some programmes.

If you would like to read some more baby schedules there are some really informative pins on Pinterest:

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